Salem Academy Student Projects

Students at Salem Academy created lots of great games! I’ve listed a few of them below, along with instructions. For each game, follow the link to the game. Then, click the green flag to begin.

Find the Ruby
Find the Ruby
Search for your missing ruby by entering different areas. Use the arrow keys to move your character.

Pixel Run
Pixel Run
Search for the puppet master! Use the arrow keys to get to the goal without hitting the sprites.

Emerald Platformer
Gem Platformer
Use the arrow keys to run and jump your way to the emerald!

Evil Salad Dodger
Salad Dodger
“Click flag to spawn the evil salad. Then click the space bar to start moving forwards. Afterwards, use the arrow keys to turn.”

Illuminati Cave Escape
Illuminati Cave Escape
Escape from the illuminati! Press the space bar to flap your wings.

Princess Dragon Dodger
Princess Dodging Dragons
Use the mouse to dodge the dragons! See how long you can last.

Sky Maze
Cloud Maze Game
Use the mouse to steer Pegasus to the rainbow!


October – December at Salem Academy

Learn how to program your own games, using Google’s CS First lessons. You will learn by creating a racing game, maze game, and platforming game, but you can also make anything you can imagine!

Students who attended the summer program are also welcome to attend! For these more experienced students, classes will focus on planning and creating completely original games.

This class is for Salem Academy students only, and there is no cost!

Dates: October 22nd and 29th; November 5th, 12th, and 19th; December 3rd and 10th.

Please bring a signed copy of this permission slip to the first day of class:
Permission Slip

Summer Program a Success!

Our summer program at Salem Academy was a big success! 5 students attended, and they made lots of cool games!


Play the games by clicking on the link above each picture. The games run using Adobe Flash. I recommend using Google Chrome, which comes with Flash pre-installed. Not all games have instructions: try pressing the green flag, arrow keys, and space bar (the controls are usually some combination of those)!

Lour Drick



Shark Chase

shark chase

Animal Racers

animal racers

An AMAZEing Game


Dysfunctional Baller



Racing starter

antonio race



cat exe


swap ball

Cave Bird

cave bird

Doggy Run

doggy run




Floppy Berd with FerBERRLS

floppy bird

Summer Program at Salem Academy

We are running a 5-week program, from July to August, which will be hosted at the Salem Academy Charter School. The lessons will be taught from the Google CS First game design curriculum. We are hoping to recruit 15 students for this program, so please invite your friends!

Where: Salem Academy Charter School
 45 Congress St. 
Salem, MA
When: Fridays, 2pm-4pm. July 10th – August 7th
 (5 days).
Cost: $100 (50% discount available for Salem Academy students)
Organizer: Peter Story, peter.story[at]

Email Peter Story today to reserve your spot!

Please bring a signed copy of this permission slip to the first day of class:
Permission Slip

Pilot Program at Salem YMCA

Students will learn to design their own games and websites!

We will be teaching from the Google CS First “Game Design” curriculum and from Khan Academy’s web design lessons. Students will have the option to publish their games and websites online. There is no cost to attend.

Where: Salem YMCA, One Sewall Street
When: April 28th – May 7th. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6pm
Organizer: Jennifer Coverdale at jennifer.coverdale[at]

Email Jennifer Coverdale to reserve your spot!

YMCA Handout
YMCA Poster
Permission Slip